Tinted Glass

The glass used for windows in buildings, homes, and cars, while offering the advantage of letting light in, often compromises the privacy that the occupants desire, and can also let in more than the desired amount of heat. Tinted glass, however, provides an easy solution to these problems.


These are the advantages of using tinted glass,

01. Increased privacy-It can be used for office spaces, where it is vital that procedures remain discreet and confidential.

02. Low-maintenance - extremely easy to clean and maintain, scratch resistance.

03. Protection from sun - this type of glass reduces the amount ultraviolet rays by 99%. Therefore, providing essential protection for your family and employees.

04. Energy efficiency - this type of glass is designed to absorb heat, as a result it will reduce the amount of heating used in your home or business.

05. Increased security - The anti-sun glass will also make it harder to see inside.